Customer Reviews

A very professional staff. No work was done without my authorization. Altogether a very good experience with reasonable prices
Paulette Mcnulla
I can't say enough about these people. Quality service. Quality care. They are true to their word, which can be rare at times. I've been bringing my vehicles here for years, I now drive out here from inside the loop because I know I'll get quality service. They are prompt too. Whether spending hundreds/thousands on repairs or just getting an oil change, they treat you like you're the most important client they have. Bring your car here, hell I'll even guarantee you'll be satisfied. Also, refreshments in the waiting area. And they always offer to give me a ride.
Charles T.
I went for A/C repair. After dropping my car off, the technician called and I explained the problem. He later called back to let me know the issues they found and what repairs needed to take place. I appreciate that they kept in contact with me the entire time. I also am glad that they were able to drop me off at my home and pick me up when my car was ready. They were able to fix my car the same day. So far I am happy with the overall experience.
Yadira Garza
My brother's car was broke down on August 14, 2015. So of course I said I will give you a ride to work.It was unexpected; when my truck overheated in Texas City area about 6:30 am; on our way to his job. Fortunately I had the Cillis Car Care card with me. I called them about 7:30 am. after I called for a tow truck. The owner of Cillis didn't hesitate for me to bring my truck there. And he advised me I did not have to give the tow truck driver any money before being towed as I was told over the phone. After the tow truck driver called Cillis he was there in about 30 minutes to tow my truck. It was a big relief knowing we were on our way out of a dark area off the freeway. The coffee was much appreciated they have at the shop. We also were given a ride home by a kind member of the staff. By that evening they had my truck fixed and I gladly picked it up in the morning. I am most grateful for a business that has people who really care. Thank you again. Bernadette C. Barsloue
Bernadette Barsloue
Finally! An auto body shop that's up front and no BS. We worked with Jason through the entire process. Not once did he laugh at the fact my wife ran into a stop a parking lot. He did make sure we were priority and stayed in constant communication. As a bonus, our car was return detailed inside and out. Thank you for the quick repair. Thank you for making this painless. You have my future business.
Brandon M.
By far, THE BEST auto repair and body shop I have ever been to! Professional, HONEST, on time and exceeded all of my expectations. I would never take my car anywhere else. I HIGHLY recommend!
Kim Ahlum
These guys are great, informative and honest! For a lady, when moving to a new area, two stressors I find myself dealing with is finding a mechanic and hairdresser I can trust. Usually, it comes with lots of trial and error, frustration, and money spent better else wear.I was referred to Cillis by a coworker who gave them raving reviews... and she was spot on. I'll be the first to admit I don't know everything about cars but my father taught me enough to know the difference when someone was being dishonest. I trust these guys and I would refer anyone to them.Bonus! They have a 20% of labor coupon here on yelp AND they have complimentary BBQ every Saturday that could give CorkSkrew Barbeque a run for their money. Delicious!
Heather H.
If you want to know the truth about what work needs to be done, come here. They are honest, forthright and won't do anything more than necessary. I'll never go to anyone else and you shouldn't either.
Chandra Brown
I took my car here after what I thought was a pretty serious collision. I was stressing out because the area that was damaged (between door and back panel) was a double whammy and challenging to fix. Not only was I thinking that the the repair would be outlandishly expensive but also that my car, with dramatic curves and wide body fenders, would never look quite the same . All of my friends in the business told me that even a good repair would still likely be noticeable considering the extent of the damage and the difficulty of repairing the area of damage on the car. Cillis ran me through the entire procedure, start to finish, and I never had a doubt after hearing it from them. When we got the car back it looked better than the day I bought it. The body work was flawless, the paint blending was flawless, and they even fixed a dent that was in the general area for free while also fixing paint defects from the previous owner's repair (which was done at the dealership!). They also waxed the car and did a full-blown interior detail. They did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone. You will be hard pressed to find a place that has better service and does better body work because it doesn't get better than this.
Zeek Braden
Cillis Car Care is a rarity . . . a family business that has endured for years as a place you can go for auto repairs and be completely assured that you will be treated honestly and know that you can rely on the service provided. In cases where a secondary issue arises, which we all know sometimes happens with today's cars that, though they feature some great conveniences . . . also have some serious deficiencies that the manufactures keep very quiet about. You may be sure that when you bring your car to Cillis they will do everything possible to send you home happy. They are good people who provide good service to their good customers.
Don Cole