Customer Reviews

My daughter was in a fender bender on her way back to Austin on her last day of college. Took her car to Cillis and had an excellent experience! Kevin was attentive and took care of all the details, including working with the insurance adjuster and getting the maximum amount for damage repair. He did a flawless job on the repair to the bumper and front grill. He even took the time to have it detailed so it looked like a brand new car!! Thanks for the great service and making a bad situation into a happy ending!
Tracey Williams
The repairmen and personnel at Cillis were kind and attentive. And helped me with my oil change and checked to make sure there were no other problems. They put my fears at ease. thank you
Sarah Dupree
I had a great experience. The tires were stolen off my car, and they towed it to the shop for me. It was damaged trying to get it on the truck, but they completely fixed everything. He even repainted my bumper for free (wasn't included in the insurance estimate) and washed and waxed my car before they gave it back. The shop is nice and clean, the staff is good, and Jason is great. I would recommend this car shop.
Thank you for great service Professional and courteous as always
Connie Crain
I went because they had a special where they checked my check engine light for free... I figured they would find something wrong with my car to help part my money and me, but not only did they NOT charge me, they gave me tips on how to make sure the light didn't come on again. It just so happens that I have to go in to get my car fixed, but I feel comfortable that Cillis Car Care will be honest and fair with the repairs that I need!
Chandra Lake
So, I had my first "fender bender" in the parking lot of a Kroger and my back bumper came off. This was technically my first accident ever and I had to deal with the other person's insurance, Fred Loya, who I have come to learn are pretty horrible. I think I may have looked up collision places in the area on my phone and stumbled upon Cillis while looking for a different one. So I stopped there, told them what happened, and Jason Baxter explained how the whole process would go. He told me how to deal with Fred Loya Insurance and other details to get my car fixed. So I felt a little relieved afterwards. That was ONLY 1 incident. I swear about 2 weeks or less later, I was in another car accident while working and I thought it was JUST my luck! 2 accidents in ONE month! I was depressed and just in shock! However, I was so happy with the service at Cillis that I brought it back to them. THIS time there was more damage but I was dealing with a better insurance company, State Farm. Just like the time before, Jason took a look at my car and and got everything prepared for me once again including calling Hertz so I could get a rental while I waited for my car to be fixed. Cillis was very courteous during the whole process, including but not limited to paying for small parts out of their own pocket when they couldn't get in contact with the claim adjuster, and even dropping me off at Hertz to pick up my rental and waiting until they knew I was able to get the rental before leaving! These were my first 2 accidents I've had to personally deal with and I don't think I could have picked a better place. I am very pleased! Thank you to everyone at Cillis Car Care for taking care of me! I appreciate it very much! :)
George Harris
First time customer & immediately felt comfortable with the staff. After being new to the area & having to leave my trusted mechanic of 20 years across town, I was reluctant on finding a new place. The service provided was timely and very efficient. Would definitely recommend them.
Kristina Dann
It was a pleasure to have done business with you today. EVERYONE was so very nice and happy, a pleasure to talk to and do business with. I will be back. Thank You again for your service.
Robin Munoz
The best car care place ever. The prices are to die for! If you own a BMW this is the place to take your car if you're having problems. I'll never take my car anywhere else to be serviced. Thanks again!
Cande Herndon
Very professional, with expert evaluation of the vehicle. I trust my vehicles to Cillis Car Care!!!
Jeff Tackett