Customer Reviews

Great job and service. I would recommend any of my family or friends to you're shop, good job!!
Always get good service at Cillis. The price is so much better for the same service at the Lexus dealer. I will continue to use Cillis.
Dealing with complications with your car is very stressful. Your guys do such a great job at communicating and working with the customers to find economical solutions. The are knowledgable about all aspects of my car. I feel confident that I'm not getting ripped off by someone who's more interested in selling me a new vehicle rather than assisting me to keep the one I have in the best condition.
Everyone in this shop were very friendly. the bathroom was extremely clean, good job everyone.
Very good service.
Recently widowed I call James for everything!I trust James........I will be in to see you guys in the next two weeks!
Very helpful and courteous staff. James Lynch helped me get the part I needed and got it put on super fast. I would definitely use them again.
Very pleased with the work and people.
Finally a car service center....that cares about getting it right....and is all about customer service...Highly recommend Cillis Car Care
I've gone here for a few years and every time I go the friendly staff are amazing! They work with you especially if you need a ride or even a quote! I've recommended them to several other coworkers and friends and everyone has agreed that they know their stuff! It takes the stress out of maintaining and fixing your vehicle when you have confidence in your mechanics that they are going to give you the best service possible at a reasonable price! Thank you!