Customer Reviews

Very hospitable and reliable. It breaks, they fix, always on time. End of story.
Johnie Cravey
Cillis has always been reliable to give sound advise and not take advantage. Many times I have offered my truck up for repair in situations that choices of service were available. In no situation have they taken advantage and/ or made decision for me. They present the options and often suggest the most economical as a compromise that makes since considering the situation. On my last repair I had developed 4 leaks in a 12 year old vehicle. They suggested I only fix two so the other two could be more easily evaluated in a cleaner environment. Also, The level of accountability with problems is very high and over the past 8-10 years have earned my complete trust. They have never been the slightest bit unreasonable. Plus, they have never been late with completion of repairs. Obviously, I am a happy camper.
Johnie Cravey
All I can say is if you're looking for an honest and a fair mechanic look no further. My check engine light lit up and I brought it in to Cillis Car Care, they were able to look at it immediately. Turned out it was probably an emissions issue however the mechanic told me it wasn't too much of a problem, just something that would prevent me from passing an inspection. He also told me my gas cap was loose and he tighten it up and said that could be the reason as well. I drove it for a while and the check engine light was finally off. Even though these guys have yet to work on my car they have already showed me their honesty and professionalism.
Jennifer R.
Trustworthiness is the characteristic I consider the most important attribute of any automobile repair business. I believe, also, that it is probably the single characterization that is the one that's hardest to find in the auto repair industry. Since my first experience with Cillis Car Care back in the mid-nineties, I have found their skill and trustworthiness to be the foundation of all they do. The auto repair business is a tough business that gets tougher with each passing year. The Cillis family's operation always stays informed on the changes and provide the finest of service. God bless them.
Don Cole
For my oil change, service was quick, friendly and priced well. I'll be coming back for sure.
Christina Townley
Very happy with service and pricing of everything. Thank you guys for doing an awesome job!
Believes in Customer Service...a master of a lost art of valuing the customer
Open and honest communications. Quality work that is backed up should there be any issue.
Norm Or Nancy
Our car broke down in a part of town that we were unfamiliar with so we were at the mercy of the closest repair shop, which happened to be Cillis Car Care. How blessed we were. Kevin went above and beyond taking care of our needs. He stayed open later so we could get our car towed there; he took us to our home after we dropped the car off; after analysis of the car,we were called and advised of the problem and cost; car was repaired on first day at a reasonable price and we were able to make arrangements to pick up car in the evening. What a great experience and customer service! We will remember Cillis for our future car needs. Thank you to Kevin and his crew for an outstanding experience!
Lanny Semmler
Thank you john and megan and entire team. We couldn't ask for any better service. The friendliest people we've encountered in houston. Thanks you guys!!