Cypress, TX


Leading Auto Repair Solutions Tailored for the Cypress Community

Amidst the serene boulevards and vibrant lifestyle of Cypress, a vehicle in top condition is vital for residents to truly appreciate its beauty. Finding a reliable mechanic, who caters to your car’s every need, is the cornerstone of such an experience. At Cillis Car Care, even though our hub lies in Houston, our commitment to superior service knows no bounds, extending to the heart of Cypress. We’re here to make sure every resident enjoys a smooth and safe drive.

Our Wide Array of Services

A/C & Heating

Cypress's climate can be unpredictable. Be it the warmth of summer or the cool breezes, our expert services ensure your vehicle's AC & heating systems are always up to the mark, guaranteeing comfort in every journey.

Auto Repair

Houston’s varying climate demands a comfortable in-car environment. Whether it's the scorching summer or the mild winter chill, we ensure your vehicle's AC & heating systems are functioning at their peak, offering you a pleasant drive every time.


Safety first! If you're searching for top-notch "Brake Repair" services, look no further. From brake pad replacements to fluid checks, we've got your back. After all, responsive brakes can make all the difference in unexpected traffic situations.


The transmission is a car's lifeline when it comes to smooth rides. For those drives in Cypress, whether it's for daily commutes or leisure, our expert transmission repair ensures seamless gear shifts and optimal performance.


In an era where vehicles are as much about electronics as they are about mechanics, our comprehensive electrical services ensure every switch, light, and sensor functions as it should.

Why Cypress Residents Trust Cillis Car Care?

Profound Expertise

Our years in the field mean when you bring your car to us, it's in the hands of seasoned professionals. The blend of our experience and dedication makes every "Oil Change" or "Transmission Repair" top-notch.

Open Communication

Approach us with an "Auto Repair" concern, and we ensure not just solutions, but also clarity. We detail every step of the process, so you’re always informed and assured.

State-of-the-Art Tools

To match the elegance and efficiency of Cypress, we arm ourselves with the latest in automotive repair technology. This commitment ensures every service we offer is precise and timely.

Dedication to the Community

For us, Cypress is not just another location we serve; it's a community we cherish. Our approach is holistic - we care for the cars and their owners, ensuring every interaction is rewarding.

Cypress, with its blend of tranquility and modernity, deserves a car service that matches its stature.

Cillis Car Care stands as that pillar of reliability and excellence for every resident. Whether it’s a routine maintenance check or an intricate repair job, we’re always ready to serve.


Complete Auto Service in Houston

When you’re in Cypress and think, “Where can I find dependable auto repair or transmission repair services?” – remember Cillis Car Care’s commitment to your automotive needs. Get in touch, and let’s ensure every moment in Cypress is driven by excellence.