Brake Services in Houston

Ensuring Your Safety with Premier Brake Solutions

Brakes are arguably the most critical safety component of any vehicle. Navigating Houston’s dynamic roads requires a braking system in prime condition. At Cillis Car Care, we specialize in ensuring that when you press that brake pedal, your vehicle responds effectively, ensuring your safety and that of other road users.

Brake Services

Brake Inspection

Routine brake inspections are crucial for early detection of potential issues. Our comprehensive examination assesses all aspects of your braking system – from brake pads and rotors to the brake fluid and lines.

Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement

Worn-out brake pads and rotors compromise your vehicle’s stopping power. We provide efficient replacements using top-quality materials, ensuring optimal brake performance.

Brake Fluid Check & Replacement

Brake fluid is vital for transmitting the force of your foot on the brake pedal to the brakes themselves. We’ll ensure your brake fluid is uncontaminated and at the right levels, replacing it if necessary.

Brake Line and Hose Inspection & Repair

Any issue with the brake lines or hoses can lead to a reduction in braking efficiency. Our technicians will inspect these crucial components for any damage or leaks and undertake necessary repairs or replacements.

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Diagnosis & Repair

The ABS prevents wheel lock-up during sudden braking, especially on slippery roads. If you notice your ABS warning light on, bring your vehicle to us. We’ll diagnose the issue and ensure this crucial system is fully functional.

Why Choose Cillis Car Care for Brake Services?


Brakes are our forte. With years of experience under our belts, we've handled a myriad of brake issues, ensuring a quick and accurate diagnosis every time.


Safety is non-negotiable. We use only the highest-grade parts and materials for all brake services, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

Customer Service

We prioritize transparent communication. Our technicians will explain the state of your brakes, the required services, and any potential future concerns.


We recognize the urgency of brake issues. Our team works diligently to get you back on the road swiftly, without compromising on the quality of service.

Our Array of Services

A/C & Heating

Today's climate can be unpredictable. Be it the warmth of summer or the cool breezes, our expert services ensure your vehicle's AC & heating systems are always up to the mark, guaranteeing comfort in every journey.

Auto Repair

Houston’s varying climate demands a comfortable in-car environment. Whether it's the scorching summer or the mild winter chill, we ensure your vehicle's AC & heating systems are functioning at their peak, offering you a pleasant drive every time.


The transmission is a car's lifeline when it comes to smooth rides. Whether it's for daily commutes or leisure, our expert transmission repair ensures seamless gear shifts and optimal performance.


In an era where vehicles are as much about electronics as they are about mechanics, our comprehensive electrical services ensure every switch, light, and sensor functions as it should.

In the bustling streets of Houston, responsive brakes are not just a convenience

They’re a necessity. With Cillis Car Care, you’re choosing a partner committed to ensuring your brakes are always in top condition.


Complete Auto Service in Houston

Don’t compromise on safety. If you notice any signs of decreased braking performance or hear any unusual sounds when braking, contact Cillis Car Care immediately. We’re here to ensure your drives are safe, smooth, and worry-free.